Rain, rain

This photo sums it up nicely.

Being from Portland means a few things to me: everything on Portlandia is true, I miss decent mass transit, and we have only two distinct seasons–Sign My Petition and Rain. Although I am often grateful for moving to Ohio back in what feels like a dark age ago, our swampland, flooded forecast makes me kind of regret this decision. Just a little. In a blunt greeting card sort of way to my past. Thinking of you. On a day when I can cut the air. I hold you responsible.¬†

A large cell is passing overhead causing the lights to flicker while I’m working on retrieving every article request I’ve sent to the National Library of Medicine during the month of June. Something’s happened with the way our systems ‘talk’ to each other and my PDFs vanish somewhere in transmission without posting to the ILLiad server. This is upsetting because it slows my response time and causes patrons to lose confidence in the system–something that’s vital to ILL and that I often have difficulty explaining to co-workers. Why make patrons jump through hoops when we can simply document the request and get researchers what they need?

“But Angela! People need to learn how to use the library!” Yes. Yes they do. Students do. Many staff do. But when your non-students don’t have time and the request takes less than a minute? Just do it and follow up with how they can find materials in the future. Borrowing is down, you have the time.


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