A weekend off

I only have a couple of things to finish up for this week. My subject guide is coming along, as are the papers and final project for Cultural Informatics. I have a few work-related things to finish and otherwise arrange before winter break at the university. There’s also the paper for the OSU class due and I find myself wondering how I ended up writing a library-related essay for OSU, and interdisciplinary essays for Kent State. I’m also wondering why on Earth I wrote something on Agrippa when I could have knocked out a piece on los cartoneros with minimal effort.

As the OSU professor put it, “Well. Sometimes we get ourselves into these things.”

Indeed. I’m learning I do this often. Get myself into things.

Meanwhile, the Feels seems inexhaustible at times. I find I have more ‘up’ time lately, in spite of wrangling further with my former partner’s piecemeal digital estate and figuring out how to manage those decisions. The more I find, the less I understand about our shared past. Some of this I can sublimate into projects at work; those shadows not dispersed by the bright at are run off until I can sleep.

I wonder what I will do when I’m not “in school” anymore, which is to say not receiving formal instruction in Whatever from Institution.

Maybe write again.


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