Coaxing ILLiad and DOCLINE

One of my resource sharing projects involves coaxing ILLiad and DOCLINE to perform better together. Medical libraries with specialized collections I need access to use DOCLINE exclusively to manage requests. Over half our lending requests come through DOCLINE, so I can’t ignore it as a resource sharing tool, even though overall usage is on the decline, and DOCLINE’s developers believe the current web interface is sufficient for all member institutions. To that end, unless DOCLINE is released for independent developers to customize and enhance, there isn’t much I can do beyond make suggestions and figure out ways to work with what I have.

Medical libraries use a variety of resource sharing software with varying degrees of interoperability. I have to work with everyone as best I can, and that means finding places for DOCLINE and ILLiad to harmonize. Because DOCLINE is a functionally closed system, I have to automate as much as possible through ILLiad and minimize the level of human intervention required by the system.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be explaining how to do this in ILLiad as far as DOCLINE will allow.


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