Importing DOCLINE requests from the clipboard

Here’s one we didn’t know about.

Many ILLiad library staff members processing requests from DOCLINE experience this: you update your DOCLINE after filling article requests and notice you need to ‘receive’ a number of items. But, instead of closing out of the update process to import requests into ILLiad, you accidentally acknowledge receipt of your DOCLINE requests from the DOCLINE Lending Updating Screen. 

This is easy enough to catch if it happens to a single request, but what if you receive 50 this way? Ouch. You’ve lost an entire day you could have spent doing cool stuff for your patrons. 



Fear not, there’s an easy fix. Highlight and copy (CTRL + C) all the requests while you’re still in the DOCLINE Lending Updating screen. Now you can use the Import from Clipboard option inside DOCLINE Lending Importing to recover those requests. You can also do this from a separate browser window if you prefer to access DOCLINE outside ILLiad. 


Aligning Reasons for Cancellation/Rejections

One of the easiest ways to improve the performance of DOCLINE in ILLiad is by limiting the number of times human intervention is required in the system. Harmonizing the syntax of your “reasons for no” is a good example of this. Usually, this means case matching.

An ILLiad library filling requests from DOCLINE probably has a lending volume which requires batch updating, and selecting Filled As Requested By Borrower. This is a setting adjusted inside DOCLINE.

Batch updating means statistics for how a library fills requests may be inaccurate in DOCLINE’s reports, but ILLiad libraries using DOCLINE already receive inaccurate reports from DOCLINE for a variety of reasons.

syntaxmatchIn the batch update screen, you have a number of reasons for rejection. In ILLiad’s customization manager, these have to match DOCLINE’s syntax to work effectively and not create errors. For example, if I reject due to poor condition, ILLiad’s customization manager must say POR, not por. Not found as cited must be INC*, not inc or INC. DOCLINE is not a system which allows for guessing.


Once your Reasons for Cancellations are updated in ILLiad to match DOCLINE’s, batch updating will be much easier. Because DOCLINE has a limited number of reasons compared to OCLC, you can align other scenarios to the most appropriate reasons.